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Teeth Extraction

Teeth Extraction

Tooth extraction is typically recommended as a last resort when a tooth is too damaged to be saved. The exception would be wisdom teeth which are sometimes extracted even if they are not impacted.

There are two main types of extractions used in dentistry. Simple extractions are performed when a dentist can reach the tooth with forceps and pull them out, while surgical extractions are needed if the tooth is stuck beneath gum tissues. Regardless of the type of extraction you get, it can take up to two weeks to recover from tooth extraction


Using specialized dental instruments, your dentist will gently loosen your tooth and carefully lift it from its socket. Sometimes, your dentist might need to make incisions in your gums to access your tooth — especially if your tooth is badly decayed or has broken off at the gum line.

Below are a few indicators you have good oral health.

  • No bleeding when brushing and flossing. One sign of improperly cared for gums is gums that tend to bleed fast when brushing and flossing. ...
  • Pink Gums. ...
  • Pleasant Breath. ...
  • Non-sensitive Teeth. ...

The smooth, non-gritty texture on your teeth.

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