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Teeth Alignment (Braces)


Teeth Alignment (Braces)

When your orthodontist talks about aligning your jaw, they’re referring to your bite. Your bite is how your upper and lower teeth come together, with the most noticeable issues of a misaligned jaw being overbites and underbites.


Teeth alignment is typically corrected through two methods: braces or aligners. In some cases, contemporary braces may be more appropriate to address your orthodontic needs and budget. Clear aligners, on the other hand, provide gentle, discreet teeth alignment in less time than traditional braces.

Below are a few indicators you have good oral health.

  • No bleeding when brushing and flossing. One sign of improperly cared for gums is gums that tend to bleed fast when brushing and flossing. ...
  • Pink Gums. ...
  • Pleasant Breath. ...
  • Non-sensitive Teeth. ...

The smooth, non-gritty texture on your teeth.

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