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Gum Grafting / Bone Grafting

Gum grafting / Bone grafting

Gum grafting  is a treatment to cover exposed tooth root surfaces. Receding gums is usually caused by periodontal disease resulting from heavy tartar buildup. Care for gum disease is usually treated by periodontists, who are experts in gum care.


Gum grafting involves carefully placing a small amount of new tissue in an area where little or no thick attached gum tissue currently exists 

Below are a few indicators you have good oral health.

  • No bleeding when brushing and flossing. One sign of improperly cared for gums is gums that tend to bleed fast when brushing and flossing. ...
  • Pink Gums. ...
  • Pleasant Breath. ...
  • Non-sensitive Teeth. ...

The smooth, non-gritty texture on your teeth.

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