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The first step towards intervention of teeth sensitivity is screening and diagnosis by the dentist. The cause of the sensitivity will be found and the dentist will manage the sensitivity as per the diagnosis made.

There are many different desensitizing toothpastes in the market and also in office. Desensitizers used are also used by the dentist in the clinic. After the diagnosis, the dentist will be in the best position to give the patient the best recommendations.



The advances in scientific understanding which have occurred over the past twenty years, now allow a more comprehensive approach to teeth hypersensitivity management that encompasses the control of its curative and predisposing factors. Indeed, management strategies have been proposed which include:

1. Correct diagnosis, compatible with the clinical description of teeth hypersensitivity, based upon history and examination.

2. Differential diagnosis, to exclude other conditions which might give rise to similar pain.

3. Treatment of all secondary conditions that induce symptoms similar to teeth hypersensitivity.

4. Identification of causative and predisposing factors, particularly dietary and oral hygiene habits pertinent to erosion and abrasion.

5. Removal or minimization of causative and predisposing factors through dietary advice and oral hygiene instruction.

6. Recommendation or provision of treatment based upon individual needs.

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